HubSpot – Internal Digital Lead Management

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About Course

The Internal Digital Lead Management Training is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage leads using the HubSpot lead lifecycle methodology. Participants will learn how to update lead statuses and follow the correct process for each cycle. The training will ensure that participants have a clear understanding of the HubSpot system, allowing them to update the system accurately and efficiently.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the HubSpot lead lifecycle methodology
  • Update lead statuses in the HubSpot system correctly
  • Understand the process involved in each lead cycle
  • Efficiently manage leads using the HubSpot system
  • Communicate effectively with team members regarding lead management

Course Content

HubSpot Lead Lifecycle
The HubSpot Lead Lifecycle is a methodology for managing leads through the customer journey, from initial contact to customer acquisition and retention. It is divided into four stages: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight, each of which represents a different phase of the lead's journey. Understanding the HubSpot Lead Lifecycle is critical for successful lead management, as it provides a framework for identifying opportunities to improve lead conversion rates and customer retention. In this training, participants will learn about each stage of the HubSpot Lead Lifecycle, how to measure success in each stage, and best practices for implementing the HubSpot Lead Lifecycle methodology.

  • HubSpot Lead Lifecycle

Lead Status
Lead Status is a critical component of lead management in HubSpot. It refers to the stage of the lead's journey through the sales funnel, and is used to track and manage the progress of the lead towards becoming a customer. Updating Lead Status accurately and consistently is crucial for effective lead management, as it provides insight into the health of the pipeline and informs the actions needed to move leads towards conversion. In this training, participants will learn about the different Lead Statuses in HubSpot, how to update them, how to create workflows to automate Lead Status updates, and best practices for Lead Status management.

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